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The Frontline Professional Defense against Periodontal Disease

North Suburban Periodontics believes that the best defense against gum disease is through a combined regimen of at home, oral hygiene plus routine professional cleanings every six months. There is no more powerful tool against periodontal disease than this combination.

Patients often ask Dr. McClenahan and the excellent dental hygienists at North Suburban Periodontics what dental cleanings “accomplish.” To begin, we might say that dental cleaning is much more than “cleaning” teeth.

Why dental cleaning is so important!

Professional dental cleaning focuses on the removal of plaque or tartar. Tartar may be thought of as discolored mineral deposits that develop on the teeth despite twice a day brushing, flossing or even using soft dental picks. Buildup of tartar may lead to gum disease.

Highly trained dental professionals use instruments to “scale” and polish the teeth to remove the plaque. In performing this prophylaxis treatment, we can observe many things about your mouth.

After or during cleaning, we check your gums and changes in your gums to make certain that there are no pockets of periodontal disease and that the gums are healthy and not receding or bleeding. We carefully examine the overall health of the tissues in your mouth and tongue to make sure there are no tissue abnormalities.

At the time of cleaning, we often recommend X-rays to make certain that your teeth and gums show no sign of disease or caries.

A healthy mouth and healthy teeth also reflect the overall health of the body. Periodontal infection can lead to many serious systemic conditions. Dr. McClenahan and his staff are dedicated to helping you maintain your overall health.

To schedule an appointment for a professional cleaning, please call North Suburban Periodontics. Our staff will be pleased to answer any questions you might have.