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Ridge Preservation

When a single tooth or several teeth are extracted, it can cause the tissue around the tooth and bone to collapse around the extraction socket. Collapsing of the tissue can change the appearance, form and function of the face.

It is essential that the extraction socket is carefully managed and it is one of the important periodontic skills that Dr. McClenahan performs at North Suburban Periodontics. In this procedure, called ridge or socket preservation, bone is grafted and placed into one or all of the extraction sockets to allow the bone to regenerate. When the bone regenerates several important benefits are realized, among which:

  • The integrity and the function of the jaw and remaining teeth are improved
  • The bone is re-built and strengthened
  • An anchor is provided for implants
  • Facial structure is maintained for aesthetic purposes.

North Suburban Periodontics has performed thousands of ridge preservation grafts over the years. We are often referred by your general dental provider, or you. In cases where your provider does not normally refer to our practice it is your right as a patient to ask your general dental provider to specifically refer to Dr. McClenahan.